he restaurant „Rankuļrags” has been designed in a country style, using all natural materials - oak, pine tree and stones. When the weather gets cold and windy you are welcome to spend your time near the fireplace. For hotter days we have a spacious terrace where you can find a place in the sun as well as get a little shade. Few meters away from the restaurant, are children playground with swings, sand box and our beloved rabbit house where one can meet with the friendly bunny family. If you are looking for some quiet time or something little solemn, you are more than welcome to use the second floor where tables are set for all your important life events - weddings, baptisms, anniversaries, birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties and funerals, the choice is up to you.

Our restaurant uses high quality products from local farmers, fishers and hunters. For example, our most popular dish this season –half of a kilo crawfish boiled in beer and dill water, that’s served with freshly baked bread and caviar butter, all of it being imported from ecological farmstead named Katvari. Inspired by Latvian country traditions, we serve our guests pearl barley-potato porridge with elk or boar meat from the local hunters. The surrounding forest is rich with all kinds of goods. Our mushroom soup is made from mushrooms that were picked form the forest only 500 meters away from the stove. And morss from the local swamp berries that have been carefully collected and retained last year. Of course, we also use the best from our foreign suppliers. Our Black Anguss beef burger hasn’t disappointed any meat lover out there. Our menus combine the best traditions from our local and European kitchens. Caring for our guests, we bake fresh rye and sweet-sour bread every week. They contain various ingredients - linseed and cumin, hazelnuts and cranberries, or even onions and sundried tomatoes. This bread is also used to make eco friendly, tasty and healthy kvass.

We are welcoming gourmets of all age to visit our restaurant in which everybody can find something suitable. But one must consider giving a call or writing an email to our restaurant, if one plans to come in big groups, or is in a need of something special. See you very soon!
Our contacts: (+371)25701610, restorans@klintis.lv

Our Contacts



+371 27852476



Kemping Klintis: The rocks are located at the marine bay north of Rankulraga 600 meters south of Vetszemes in the parish of Salacgriva of the Salacgriva district on the Vidzeme seaside.

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